Thursday, October 24, 2013

Its Craft Time!

Hey There Dolls,

Lately I have been in a life rut, and an artistic rut, so I decided to hop on my Pinterest and browse around for something to occupy my time and get my creative juices flowing.  I landed on multiple pins with painted jars, and remembered the glassware I picked up from the dollar store almost a year ago and never used.  So I gathered up my glassware, my Pantone paint set, and my Rustoleum metallic gold spray paint and set to work.

I chose the blue/green and gold to match the decor we already have in the living room of our apartment. First I wiped out the glass so that there was nothing inside the glassware to mess up the painting process.  I poured the paint into the bottom of the glass and ran my brush up the sides of the jar until it was completely covered.  
Now, here is a little lesson I learned from this experience, do NOT do this while it is about 30 degrees outside.  Nothing will stick to your glass and you will end up running around your apartment looking for a hairdryer to warm up your jars and dry your paint.  I would also strongly recommend doing any project with spray paint outside so that things don't smell like spray paint for hours. 
Next I took some cardboard and put it under my glassware so that I could spray paint it.  Just a quick coating on the inside, followed by a shot of warm air from the blow dryer, and repeat, until the inside is covered to your satisfaction.  
As for clean up, it's simple.  Take some rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab or towel and gently wipe the outside of the glass in small circular motions until the spray paint is gone.  The same method can be applied to your fingers if you happened to get some of the spray paint on there as well.

In all this took me about an hour to complete, with the paint drying the slowest, and voila! Pretty accent pieces you can put candles in, or just place around the area you want to decorate to brighten it up.  Any color paint will do, and any spray paint will work.  Just be creative and have some fun!

Happy Crafting!

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