Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Flat Iron Curls

Hey There Lovelies,

Today I decided to try something new with my hair, and for the first time in months I whipped out my flat iron and decided to attempt flat iron curls.

Forgive my worried face, I just couldn't get a good look at the curls from straight on.

To mu surprise it didn't take too long to get a head full of wavy curls.  I use the Remington 1" Ceramic Flat Iron.  It heats up to a terrifying 410 degrees in less than a minute, and only cost me $20 from Target.  After I heated up the straightener, I parted my hair into three bands, took small sections, put the straightener at my roots, twisted until the back of the straightener was visible in the front, and pulled down. I repeated this all over my head.  After I had a full head of curls I  tossed in some Philip B hairspray and I was all set to go.  (If you look up how to curl your hair with a flat iron on YouTube there are a million tutorials.)  I highly recommend if you are going to do anything to your hair you wait for day after hair, as it usually holds a curl or style much easier than clean hair.  If you are one of those people that must was their hair everyday you can get away with drying your hair and throwing a dry shampoo or texturizing spray in your hair, something to give your tools an added edge.

What are your favorite Autumn hair styles?

Happy Tuesday Guys!

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