Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Current Nail Art

Hello everyone,

I decided that today was the day that I'd finally use some of my nail art stash and share it with all of you. 

Ta Da!  Mustachios!

I love mustaches.  I have them on Duck Tape, I have jewelry holders, pencils, a tattoo on my finger, t-shirts.  You name it, if it has mustaches on it I want it.  

I started off with a pink base coat.  It's the NYC polish in the shade Prospect Park Bloom.  Then I added these cute little decals to the tips of my nails that I got from Claire's (there would have been one on each nail but both of the ones on my pointers came off in the shower).  Easy peasy.  

I love simple things like this that just add to what would normally just be a plain nail.

What are some of your favorite nail art looks?  Have you ever tried nail decals?


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