Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Today Is The Day

Hey There Dolls,

I've decided that Wednesdays should be Motivational Wednesdays.  You've already gotten through Monday and Tuesday, and Wednesday is, in my experience, the day everyone starts to get a little antsy for the weekend, and sluggish in their workplace/life.

Recently I've been going through some personal hardships, and no matter what I keep telling myself, the funk still remains.  I still sleep until noon, I drink far too much wine, and even though I know I have to pick myself up and get my life back together, I always say, well I always have tomorrow to start getting better. 

Today is the day.  We sit in our lives and watch it fly by without ever really making an impact in the world around us, or even in our own lives.  I hear many people saying, "If it's meant to be, it will just happen.".  That is a phrase I always used when I just didn't want to try hard enough to get where I wanted to go, and used it as an excuse to blame whoever and whatever if the things I wanted out of life never happened.  Life is not fair, it is not always beautiful and happy, and it is most certainly not always easy, but it is worth living to the best of your ability.  Just doing one thing off of the list above can change your day in a way you never thought possible.  Be proactive with your present.  Stop preparing for a future you cannot control, and letting a past you cannot change hold you in your current position.  

I guess the meaning of today's post is this.  Today is the tomorrow I promised myself yesterday, and today is the day. Make your present the best it can be, and shed off the worry and uncertainty you leave yourself obsessing about morning, noon, and night.  We are only promised one life, and the moment we are currently in.  No matter how hard yesterday was, or how hard tomorrow will seem, take your life one moment at a time and life seems a lot brighter for it.

Make Today The Day.

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