Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Blush Mystery Beauty Box : October

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday I caught the Fed Ex guy and got my package on time and was pleasantly surprised at what I found inside.  I subscribe to the Blush Mystery Beauty Box which is $24.95 with a monthly subscription, and $34.95 for a one time purchase.  Every month you get a little box in the mail with a bag inside, a whole bunch of goodies totaling over $130, and two little samples floating around the outside of the bag inside the box.

Here's what Octobers box has graced me with:

(I made the pictures big for you guys to really see what's in there.)

The Dremu Oil Serum and Specific Beauty Night Treatment Complex samples were the fun freebies floating around the inside of the box.  The bag this month was also of better quality than previous months, something I always love seeing.

-The Butter LONDON nail polish in Kerfluffle is my absolute favorite shade of springtime pink, and my second bottle of Butter LONDON polish.  Even though it's fall I can see myself putting this into some kind of nail art, or even wearing this to a job interview.

-The Karin Herzog Vita-A-Kombi 1 is the little black sample.  I love myself a good moisturizer so I can only hope that this one works out for me.

-The Mirabella Mineral Highlighting Powder will be my first powder highlighter.  It comes off on the fingers with larger sparkles than I hope for with a highlighter, but it's a very pretty champagne peachy color that I can't wait to try out.

-The MyFace Cosmetics Lip Pop Gloss is not something I usually wear.  It smells strongly of vanilla, and glosses and I don't really get along.  They are always sticky, and my hair always gets stuck to them even when it's not windy.  It's transparent with sparkles all in it so this will probably be something I gift to a friend.

- The Theraplex FT Exfoliating Emollient is made to go on dry and rough hands and feet.  Seeing as my feet are something I constantly neglect, I'm looking forward to seeing what this can really do.  (I'm sure the boy will like this too)

- The Talika Lipocils Expert is something that makes me a little uneasy.  I love mascara, and lengthening mascaras with proteins and nourishing properties, but with anything promising to give me full lush lashes without side effects makes me weary.  I don't want anything to change my eye color (which I love), or hurt my eyes (I already wear contacts).  I'll definitely read up more on this before I try it out.

- The Miracle Skin Transformer for your face in the shade medium.  Being a fair skinned lass I don't think medium and me will get along well.  Even in the summer months I go maybe a shade darker in foundation, if I'm lucky to get that much sun.  I have their body transformer which gives you a mice sun kissed glow, but this seems like something better suited for those without my Irish freckled skin.

-The Chella Highlighter in Ivory Lace is something I received in an Ipsy bag but immediately lost, so to see it pop up again in another bag really got me excited.  I love the idea of a highlighter pencil, but it looks like it would be better suited for the eyes than the face.  No matter how it's applied though, I'm glad I get another shot to figure it out.

All in all I love most of the products I received.  The few I feel I won't get along with are still good products in my opinion, just not for me.

Keep a look out for the other boxes I subscribe to later on this month.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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