Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday Feels Like Monday

Hello Dolls,

How do you like that greeting?  I'm thinking about changing it up from Hello Everyone, to something a little.... more me.  I greet my female friends by saying Hey there Lady Jane, or Whatcha doing Lovely, and my male friends with How are you today Sir, or hello Sir.  Greeting the readers on my blog in a dull way isn't reflective of how I greet people in my everyday life, so that is going to change.  It may take a few days to figure out something indicative of myself, and something I feel comfortable greeting all of you with.

Today is Sunday, which means I accomplished my goal of posting every day this week.  It was really helpful blogging everyday, no matter if I felt like it, had a good idea, or not.  One thing I did realize though is planning out my posts is something I could really benefit from.  Having a clear idea of what I want to show you guys not only benefits the blog, but it also gives you guys some thought out, well put together posts.

Here's to a great week, and another great one coming up.

Happy Sunday!

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